We are proud to expand our service offerings to include personalized coaching and online courses!


For one-on-one coaching appointments, click the "book now" button and we will be glad to help you.

Physical Clutter

Want to get to the bottom of your physical clutter? Why do you have SO much stuff? We can help you with that and more...

Body Clutter

If you are having trouble sticking to an exercise program or a menu for your family, the Body Clutter module will help you reach your goals. 

Mental Clutter

Ever have a moment when your "self talk" is not what it should be? Get in the right frame of mind with the Mental Clutter module.

Digital Clutter

We all have too many photos, too many appointments, and too many emails. Learn how to tame your digital life in this quick and fun module.

COVID-19 has gotten us thinking about new ways of sharing our love for organization with you. During this crisis, we haven't always been able to visit your homes like we want. We had to think of other ways to help you - our friends - deal with clutter and other organizational issues. We are excited to announce that we've put together online courses to serve you better.


For a fraction of the price of in-home organizing, you can get to the root of your clutter issues and learn simple strategies to organize any room. Check out our online school by clicking the button below! 

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