14 Ways to Revive Your House in the New Year

As many of us have spent much more time in our homes this past year than we could have imagined, giving your home a refresh might be just what you and your house need. Your living space has a strong influence on your life, and it’s worth putting time and energy into making updates, organizing, decluttering, cleaning, or anything that can create a positive space for you in this New Year. To help you get started we have gathered tips from experts from Miami, FL to Seattle, WA, and everywhere in between to share their ideas on ways to refresh and revive your home in 2021.

This article was compiled by my friend Lexi Klinkenburg from Redfin.com

1. Start the New Year with a fresh home office

Clear out your files of old paperwork, shredded or stored in an attic or basement. Clear off your desktop, containerize items in the junk drawer and even rearrange the furniture to really jazz it up. -Keri-Ann Byrne, Charlottesville Organizing

2. Create a disorganization hotspot

Pick one area that has been a “disorganization hotspot” and set up a smart system for it. For example, if you constantly have piles of paper cluttering up your kitchen counters, create a system to deal with it once and for all so that you can have clear kitchen counters in the new year. Set up a beautiful acrylic desktop file box with folders for each category of paper that tends to end up on your counters: mail, kids, recipes, meal planning, inbox, bills, etc. Teach your family to use it as well. Eliminating paper piles (and having a dependable system) will instantly breathe a sense of calm into your space. -Blueprint Organizing

3. Update Your Lighting

Lighting truly is the jewelry of a room. Just like the perfect necklace or pair of earrings completes an outfit, the ideal light sets the right mood and energy for each space in your home. -Designer Premier

4. Start with your kitchen

Go through the kitchen and get rid of any old utensils, pots, pans, mixing bowls, and appliances you no longer use or haven’t used within a year and donate them. We’ve had so much time this year (during quarantine) to use those things. If we haven’t by now we probably won’t! Then do a deep clean of the drawers, and clean the refrigerator and freezer. Get rid of anything expired. And look at the ingredients you haven’t used to come up with some fun things to make during this quarantine! Google three ingredients you have in the house and I promise you you’ll find something interesting and tasty to create at home. -Brass Tacks

5. Remove furniture and décor that you no longer love

Donate, sell, or repurpose things that you still enjoy. Rearrange existing furniture to see how it changes your space. Create a fresh new look with items in a style that inspires you. When choosing furniture, consider pieces that are attractive but functional and provide additional storage. With so many affordable online options to purchase furniture and décor, take time to find that special piece that speaks to you and reflects who you are. It will give your space a whole new look. - Jill Viglione, Embrace Your Space

6. Get creative

Everyone knows that paint can freshen up a room but why not try painting a piece of furniture for a new look! You could also consider re-doing the backsplash tiles in your kitchen. Whether you are staying or selling, both are cost-effective and always look great. Kathleen Hayden, Owner, Dream Space S.O.S.

7. Add unique pieces to your design

Updating your furniture and accessories can do more than just transform your style. By adding unique locally built artisan pieces to your design, you’ll be supporting local small businesses while also reconnecting to your community. After a year where we’ve been distanced from each other, it feels great to bring home a handcrafted item made with a personal touch. -First & Main Design Market LLC

8. Use trunks or chests for extra storage

Do not buy anything until you have decluttered then you can decide what storage you need. Consider using trunks or chests to store your belongings. Not only are they multifunctional i.e. extra bedding, decorations, toys, summer clothes, they can also be used as coffee tables in sitting rooms or extra seating in playrooms. A win-win in my book. - Sally Walford, DeclutterMe

9. Add warmth to your home

Once the holiday decorations come down the house can feel cold. To refresh your home in January, change out your home's accessories. Bring out some special family mementos or display a grouping of collectibles that have a story or family history behind them. This can add warmth to your home for the winter months. -Gia Milazzo Smith, Designs By Gia

10. Refresh your bathroom space

To refresh a bathroom space, we often use the same material on the floors and plumbing wall in order to strengthen the design components without having too much variety of products. It creates a strong impression and sophisticated look and feel instantly. -Design Matters

11. Declutter items that are often overlooked

A new year is a perfect time to hit the refresh button around the house — and we like to focus on decluttering things that often get overlooked throughout the year, like household products that are way past their expiration dates. We've found medicine all the way from 1994 while helping a client purge! -Katie Savage, Blue Pencil Home

12. Rearrange some furniture

I like to rearrange my furniture, I had a small sofa in my office that is now in my living room with my larger sofa. I find that moving furniture and decor around regularly offers a new perspective and helps me appreciate the things I already have. -Bring Peace Home

13. Use homemade cleaning products

You don't need expensive cleaning products for many everyday spots and spills. A great spot cleaner for everyday dirt can be made with several drops of dye-free dish detergent and water. Follow with a vinegar and water rinse to avoid re-soiling. -Don Willard, Advanced Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

14. Take on projects that are feasible

We often jump into organizational projects and take on more than we can handle, and get overwhelmed. Especially at the mark of a new year. Sometimes you’re in the mood to clear clutter and sometimes you’re not. Positive emotions promote permanent change. So, be gentle with yourself. Take on projects that are feasible and can be done in manageable increments of time. Make it fun by putting on music or your favorite podcast. And remember change is a process. –Infinite Space Organizing