5 Ways to Make Peace with Your Home

Look how pretty they are and how weird we are!

At the Wyres household, we are in a busy time of life. One of our kids is in college and the other one is a junior in high school. All the college stuff is really starting to ramp up for her too. So many forms to fill out, tests to take, dates to remember...

Because of all of those things, we have instituted the following 5 things that we do on a regular basis to keep some sanity over here.

1. Take it one bite at a time

Don’t tear apart your entire kitchen trying to organize – you won’t have time to get it all back together. Take only one shelf out of the pantry, or clean and organize one countertop area at a time. Things happen – and you will get interrupted.

2. Plan yo-yo days or non-cooking days into each week

Your children won’t die if they have cereal for dinner one night. If they have a happier, more relaxed momma, they may enjoy that more!

3. Assign proper meaning and respect to things

If you have Grandma's china, use it and enjoy it. Put it into a safe place when you store it. If however, you still have that stinky, groddy softball glove from your "glory days" in high school, it may be time to pitch it. See what I did there? By giving honor to things that deserve honor, we begin to better understand when it’s time to donate or toss something.

4. Make a habit of “picking up”

ABCSTOR – stands for Always Be Carrying Stuff To Other Rooms – if your body is moving to another room, you darn sure better have some stuff in your hands! Think about the grocery store put-backs – the stuff that makes it to the register but people don’t buy. Someone takes a cart full of those items and puts them away. And anyways, a picked-up house is a pretty good-looking house. It doesn't sound grammatically correct, but it works.

5. Get professional help if you need it

If you are too far gone for the above advice to be applicable – seek help! Professionals know the best way to prioritize and keep you motivated until you can do it yourself. Above all, don’t fear judgment or shame! It’s important to get past those feelings in order to make things better.

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