Wrangling Email

Email can be our our best friend or worst enemy...

Yep! We all gotta do it. We have to have an email box (or two, or three). They fill up with garbage, just like your mailbox outside does. No one seems to remember that these mailboxes were made for YOUR convenience, not for the convenience of others. Today, we are gonna take back that mailbox!

Ok, my fellow old people will remember the Seinfeld episode when Kramer decided to cancel his mail...

It doesn't work that way! While I can't tell you how to stop the email at your home, I can give you a handy way to deal with the volume of email we each get every day.

I am one of those people for whom all those little red numbers on my cell phone just freak me out!

Ok, WHO in the world has 17 unanswered phone calls in a day!?!? Anyways, people do. If this is you, with the 1200 plus unanswered and un-looked at emails, I have a good solution for you!

Most of the time, these are not important emails that are being ignored. They are emails from places you shop, visit or organizations you love, etc. You want to see their content, that's why you signed up for their newsletter in the first place. However, you want to see their content WHEN you want to see their content, such as right before you visit their store. Maybe they have a good coupon. What if there was a place that you could go to see all of that awesome content together all rolled up into one? Well, there is!

It's called UnrollMe. https://unroll.me/

It uses it's super spidey-sense (which is probably code or software or something, but you know what I mean) to determine which emails may be promotional and therefore rolled up. If you have Gmail, you probably already have your promotions rolled up, but sometimes that gmail makes mistakes and you gotta go dig through the junk to find something you actually want! UnrollMe only rolls up things you've told it to roll up. Then everyday, it sends you one beautifully laid-out email with all of your rolled-up stuff for you to peruse at your leisure! It's really quite nice.

As for the rest of the email box, deal with what is in there as you would regular mail. Trash the junk, file the things that need to be filed and put things in a to-do pile that need to be paid or attended to. Make sure you take care of emails in a timely manner. And always get rid of that red notification number each day!

Let me know if this email organization tip has helped you today!

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