Let's Do Fall Right and Breeze into the Holidays!

Ah, Fall! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I'm being deadly serious right now. It’s the opening act to all things holidays. If you can nail Fall in it’s face, Christmas will be a breeze…

So you ask, what kinds of things can you do to nail Fall in the face? Thought you’d never ask! Here are just a few things you can start working on while the kids are in jail, er... school.

Fall is what I call “the other Spring”. That means that Fall is a glorious time to do your Spring cleaning again (or if you forgot this year - REDEMPTION!!). Two times a year is the best to keep on top of those pesky chores.

Lemme give you 5 simple Fall sprucing tips that will have you screaming into the holidays like a champ.

  1. Clean blinds – ok, maybe some of you are judging me right now, but my binds get a good cleaning only twice a year. That’s it. But two times a year is sufficient to ensure that I get all the bugs out of my window sills and that if someone touches my blinds during the year the blinds won't be absolutely caked with dirt. I use the example of cleaning blinds, but anything can go here that you reasonably would like to clean only once or twice a year. Things like deep cleaning the oven, fireplace or your windows come to mind. When it comes time for family fun having, you won't be distracted by dirt in your house.

  2. Put new systems into place – if your lunch packing system didn’t work well last year, or you felt that getting homework done AFTER Fortnite wasn’t the ideal plan for your household, change it up! This is the best thing about Fall – it’s a new beginning, a fresh start! Somehow, it’s like a “Happy New Year” plunked itself down into September. And I couldn’t be happier

  3. Shop the sales – stop complaining that Christmas stuff is out in August and instead take advantage of it. As an organizer, I do feel obligated to say, add to your Christmas/Holiday gear only if you have room to store it properly or if you are using the “one in, one out” rule. Our Christmas stuff does get ratty, even though we only use it for a month a year, so replace a few items with updated stuff while no one else is shopping that aisle. It’ll put a Holiday spring in your step!

  4. Check out your own clothing sitch – likely you have been so focused on getting the kids looking great for the school year, that you barely noticed that you are dressed like one of the kids from “Oliver”. Now that you have a few minutes of peace each day (if you stay at home, the kids are gone all day; if you are a working mom, they are busier in the evening, so take advantage!), quickly look through your clothing. Pull out anything in disrepair or stained and toss that stuff away. Pull anything that doesn’t make you feel amazing and donate it. Consider a capsule wardrobe option. Google it. Prepare to be amazed. Take care of yourself too, because then you will look adorable next to your children which is #goals.

I hope that this is helpful to get your Fall off to a great start. I know that I love the feeling of new things happening. It opens up an opportunity to welcome it in. As we experience every year, (actually can you believe that 2018 is 3/4ths over???) the Holidays come upon us very, very quickly.

This year, let’s agree to be ready to stare it down like a champ and WIN! Now, go get your Pumpkin Spice Latte and let’s get going!

Friend! As always, if you need the guidance of a professional organizer, I’m here. Your journey begins with a free in-home consultation. Get on my calendar! I’d love to meet you!

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