Wake Up!

Amber Waves of Grain -

Good morning friends!

I was so filled with joy and happiness this morning that I had to write a quick post. Do ya hear that? Listen.....

It's some where in the 5 to 6 o'clock area in my home and because of school schedules this year, no one is up yet. It's quiet. It's peaceful. I can hear the crickets outside. Ahhhhhh....

I do wake up early almost every day. I am a morning person. Sometime between 4 and 6, I wake up naturally and get my coffee and get to working on new ideas for you all to see. Don't ask me to form a complete sentence anytime after 10 pm, though! We are made differently; we should celebrate those differences and learn the best way to get stuff done each day. No matter what time of day is your sweet spot, this is for you!

One thing that helps me is to get alone into a quiet nook with my work. I office in the upstairs landing of my home. It's open to the downstairs on two sides, so if people are awake and home, it can be pretty noisy. I put my music in my ears and get stuff done. Quiet doesn't have to mean quiet. It only means that you need to be able to hear your thoughts. Some folks can do this in a crowded Starbucks. That's not me. I'm too interested in all the people!

Finding time each day to center myself and my thoughts helps me to accomplish what needs to be done, but also to decide what is important and what is urgent. Twelve thousand million things pull at us, vying for our attention every day. Its so nice to have a few moments with no tv, no people, no dog even (she's still asleep too) to ask for my attention. If I've offered that quiet moment to myself, I'm better able to deal with all the noise and requests later. It's a form of self-care. And it can keep your life ordered.

So, figure out your perfect time each day to prioritize, to dream, to work, to breathe. And then just make sure it happens. If it's fifteen minutes before everyone else wakes up, or thirty minutes after everyone else goes to bed or during the middle of the day - that part doesn't matter. Doing this as a discipline everyday will help you keep your thoughts, dreams, and goals in order and a priority.

How do you get your quiet moment for yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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