Visual Cues Make the World Go 'Round - 5 Ways to Remember Stuff

My Kitchen Scissors Next to a Fake Plant

I was thinking about something today. About how everyone in the world (including me) is a little ADD. My apologies to those who have a real diagnosis, but I think you know what I mean. There's so much going on that we often forget things. A lot. So, this info is nothing new, in fact it feels a little obvious to say it. But I wonder how many of us have developed little ways to try to circumvent the forgetting? Today, I'm gonna share a couple of mine. These little tiny visual cues keep me on the right path like a sprinkling of breadcrumbs. I'll give you a real live example.

Today, I walked into the kitchen and saw that I needed to clean up after lunch. I also walked past a plant that I am desperately trying to use as proof that I can keep a houseplant alive. You see how this works? Already I am getting distracted by the plant. It needs water, and sadly, some of the branches (?) need to be trimmed because they are brown. Now I have three things on my "to do" list. Thank God my phone notifications are all turned off, otherwise someone else would have had a share of my ever-diminishing attention pie. My organizer brain jumped into action. "If I put the scissors out on the counter before I clean the kitchen, that will remind me to water and trim those brown leaves off." And it worked. It's just a simple thing, and now my kitchen is cleaned, my plant looks and feels happy and I have a blog post (it's tough to feed the monster).

I started thinking of what other things I do to help my brain remember. Maybe some will work for you! Here's a quick list:

1) I put items that need to go back to the store in my car the night before.

2) I have a "go bag" that goes with me everywhere. It's stuff I want with me, but don't want or need to carry in my purse. Some of those items are a sweater, a makeup bag, comb, chargers, my laptop (sometimes), a book, etc. Placing something into that bag means that I won't forget it the next day.

3) I calendarize EVERYTHING. When I say ALL, I mean ALL. The only way I will remember to pick up a family member's contacts is if it's in my calendar. And I look at it everyday.

4) Speaking of calendars, I use Cozi for the family calendar. It also includes shopping lists. The minute I realize I am out of something, it goes on the list. If I go to the store for something else, I always check Cozi to see if there is anything else I need to grab while I'm there.

5) I try to be more mindful of what I'm doing and of doing only one thing at a time. Sometimes things seem urgent, but they aren't. There's always time to take a deep breath or two. That alone can help you refocus into your original goals and not let all the extra stuff dictate your schedule.

That last one is key. If we all can take time to breathe and relax and clear our heads for a second, we probably would be able to find our keys or remember our spouse's birthday (not me, I ALWAYS remember 😇).

I'm sure you have your own little hacks to remember things. Let me know what they are in the comments. The best memory hack will get a special invite to my plant funeral.

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