Are You Working From Home While Your Child is Doing Remote Learning? Here’s How You Can Succeed

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Working from home when you have kids is hard. Working from home when your kids are navigating remote learning? Well, you get the picture.

Yes, it can seem overwhelming and even impossible to have a successful career as a work-from-home parent when you are also responsible for helping your child with online school. But as long as you prepare and take the right steps, you will find that both you and your child can both thrive. Here are a few tips to get you going in the right direction:

Set up your workspaces.

First of all, you and your child both need a place to work. Ideally, these will be two separate spaces. But they will each require many of the same elements.

For example, you want the workspaces to have good lighting. Choose locations in the home that provide access to sunlight, as it can yield a slew of health benefits and boost productivity. Make sure you have all of the equipment necessary to work comfortably, such as a desk or table of the right height and a supportive chair. And make sure the workspaces are free of distractions; if possible, set them up in locations that are separated from foot traffic and external noise.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep the workspaces organized and free of clutter. This will reduce stress and help you and your child to stay focused. Hiring a professional organizing company like Bring Peace Home could prove well worth the investment.

Get the right tech.

Having the right technology will make a big difference for you and your child. Be sure to invest in the right kind of laptop or desktop computer, headphones, and educational games for your child.

Also, figure out what platforms and programs your child will need for their online courses. Chances are you will have to learn how to navigate them yourself so that you can guide your child through the process.

As you help your child figure out online learning, keep in mind that making education fun can help keep your child engaged. Fortunately, there are many technologies that are designed for the gamification of online learning. For example, online code camps can be helpful for younger children in the same way that virtual reality can help teenagers with distance learning. Get whatever tech you need, and make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection to support it.

Along with getting your child the tech they need, you also have to consider your own work. There are more tools, software, and apps on the market than ever before that can help you work from home more efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s time tracking tools, accounting software, or communication and collaboration software, invest now in tech solutions that can help you thrive.

Figure out your schedule.

Finally, it’s essential to come up with a schedule and routine that works for both you and your child. if you have no structure, it will be difficult for either one of you to succeed. For many parents, this means working early mornings and/or late nights and maybe squeezing in an hour or two during the day. Take advantage of nap times, and don’t be afraid to allow your child an extra 30 minutes or an hour of extra screen time on workdays.

And of course, prioritize quality time together. Find fun activities to do with the whole family that don’t involve work or school, whether that means scheduling weekend getaways, setting up backyard games, or planning family movie nights.

It’s going to be challenging to help your child navigate online learning while working from home. But if you try out the tips listed here, you will give you and your child a good shot at success. Just remember to take it one day at a time, and don’t expect it to go perfectly, especially at first.

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