Be Ready This Year!

Let this Back to School season be your best...

Friends! I am already getting ready for back to school! For me this year that means buying things for both a dorm room and an apartment...eeks! I have gotten a head start on purchasing these things so that it doesn't all hit me in the wallet at the same time. It just requires a little storage for a month or so. Below I've got ALL the tips to get you back to school without headaches this year. 

1) School Supplies - most stores have their supplies out by now. Start to grab those supplies before it gets super busy. I always enjoy shopping for school supplies, but I don't LOVE the crowds! Get in there early, or better yet purchase the pre-made package from your school. Don't forget about new backpacks and lunchboxes!

2) Create a Command Center in your home - you need at least a calendar and a place to store a file folder for each student in your home. Look up command centers on Pinterest to see options. In my calendar, I keep track of each of my kid's work schedules, when Hubs is out of town and our dinner plans. That way, if I find myself at home alone, I don't have some four-course meal happening! The file folders hold any school papers that need attention, such as field trip permission slips. That way, when the kiddos get home from school, they can unload their backpacks and put the papers you need to see into their folders. This is such a great time to start new habits!

3) File folder for lunch ideas - remember the meme about how the May school lunch looks versus the August school lunch? Add one folder to your command center that includes printed lunch ideas so that you don't run out of steam early in the year. I remember one year my daughter would only eat bacon. It was a tough year.

4) Mental preparation for the year ahead - If you are hitting a significant year with one or more of your students (first year of school, college, high school, or the last year of any of those things) spend some time getting yourself mentally prepared for the year. If you need to grab a massage or a facial or some time hiking in nature, go do it. A peaceful mom (or dad) makes all the difference in how the year goes. 

As always, if you need me to help you get your home de-cluttered for the Fall, just head to the Book Online page! This is one of the most exciting and fun times of the year and I always look forward to it. It truly can be your best and most organized school year yet!