Use Your Fancy Stuff

Recently, a respected client of mine asked me why a member of my team had taken her beautiful champagne flutes out of the box. They had been sitting happily in the box for awhile and to her it seemed....safer. Once I explained that I ask all my team members to take things out of boxes in order that the client might use them, she seemed to understand. Here we are, after the New Year's toasting and champagne bubbly fun and I am still thinking about champagne flutes. Most of us organizers would encourage our clients to "use your fancy stuff". But do you know why? Let me tell ya a couple reasons that I do it.

1) if something is out of the package, my clients feel more welcome to use it. None of us wants to be the person to cut the first piece of cake, or open a new package of anything. But, it's easier to grab a couple of fresh batteries when they are out of the original packaging and now stored in a cute bin in the laundry room. What feels (and looks) better, wrestling a straw out of cello packaging or grabbing one from an open container in your pantry? Opening and emptying contents of original manufacturer packaging is just darn hospitable, friends!

2) it's super fun to use your fancy stuff on a normal day. When my kids were younger, they would have "fancy picnic". They would gather things to make a carpet picnic out of fruit, sandwiches, and snacks. They would also grab my wine glasses to drink juice because they were "fancy". This little bit of fanciness in their otherwise normal Tuesday was one of their favorite things to do. Did I worry that they would break something? Of course! But the added fanciness seemed to come with a dose of extra care.

3) life is short, muchachos. Why on earth do you own such amazing items and not use them? We all want to be remembered as generous, fun, spontaneous, and loving. What better way than to enjoy the weekday meatloaf on the good china? Your people will remember that for years - they may even think you've lost it a little. But that's ok. It's the memories that we are looking to create, so go ahead and shock them tonight!

The point I'm making is that your things are there for you to use them. Don't store your beautiful items for "someday", instead use them NOW! You will be making memories that last and I promise you will have fun!