What is a Home Purge and How Do I Get One?

Have you heard this new term "home purge"? What is it, and how does it work? While it may be a hot new term, it's actually a super common practice over here at BPH. Lemme tell ya how it works.

Plan where to start

Decide on what room you'd like to start and go from corner to corner all the way around the room. Lets say it's your bedroom first. Start with one nightstand - cleaning everything out. In mine, the drawer is pretty organized, but the books on the shelf underneath need to go live someplace else. I usually have a white trash bag for donate and a black one for trash/recycle. Once that nightstand is complete, go through the next nightstand and then the dresser. A normal sized bedroom may take you a couple of hours to purge, but the feeling of sleeping in a completely cleared out bedroom is absolute bliss. You continue this way until your entire home has been gone through, from corner to corner.

When you get stuck

Most of our clients have at least one place that gets them hung up - emotional things can hang anybody up. Sometimes, the job seems too daunting to take on. This is where you will hopefully hear my voice telling you that its ok. I may be able to purge my bedroom in two hours, but you may keep a memory box in your bedroom that completely stalls your process. Give yourself grace and extra time to go through things. It gets easier as you do it, just like anything else. If you want to learn to ice skate, the more you do it the better you will be.

Take breaks

I find that my brain works better if I take frequent breaks in whatever I'm doing. If going through your entire master closet seems impossible, then go through just the shelves in your closet or even one four foot section of closet rod, and leave the rest for the next day. The results will spur you on to more, and soon the entire job will be done.

Consider the rewards

Some are motivated by thinking about the people they are helping by donating clothing, some are motivated by the money they might make by selling something online. These are all good things, especially if they help you get further towards the finish line. Think about what motivates you and keep going!

Ask for help

If you get in too deep and realize that you can't swim at all, there's always someone to call. Call a friend who is naturally organized (we all have at least one), or call us! We are always happy to talk our clients through these kinds of things, plus we offer virtual organizing for a fraction of the price of in-person organizing.

Let me know if you decide to pursue a home purge. I'd love to hear about your results - pictures are even better! Just remember that no matter how lost you may feel, there's always hope and there's no timeline under which you have to get things done. Have grace for yourself, friends. ❤️