First Step - Free Consultation

At your free in-home consultation, we will tour the area(s) you'd like to organize. A team member will take photos, ask some questions and get a general sense of how you'd like to use your space. Together, we will come up with a solid game plan for organizing day. We will estimate the time and costs involved to get your rooms organized for good. 








We will work with you to categorize, organize, and re-home your items and provide systems that work with the way you live your life. We will haul away your trash and drop off donations at no charge. Also included in this pricing is research, shopping and mileage. With BPH, there are no hidden fees. 


$300 for one 3-hour organizing block with two organizers. 



Two-Hour Tidy

Once your home is organized, it will require a refresh every so often. Many of our clients choose to refresh their homes twice a year. Once the systems are in place, it is fairly straightforward to put everything back in place again. At this time, we will also re-evaluate your home systems to make sure they are working for you. If changes need to be made, they can usually be done during this time.


$150 for a two-hour refresh. 

Virtual Organizing 


If you are more the DIY type but just need direction, Virtual Organizing may be for you. We talk, we text, I send complete step-by-step directions to get your space complete. You will also receive links to any product recommendations.

$150 for each project area. 

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